The institute has two main programmes- residential and day care programme. Admissions were given under both the programmes. For providing individual attention, health training, guidance, security, psychological support, love and care, at the most 30 students are enrolled. Children enrolled hailed from Ahmedabad city, rural areas of Gujarat and from outside Gujarat – state.

The institute has an independent three storied building and a big playground adjacent to it. Each storey is separately allotted for hostel, educational activities and extra curricular activities. Physical training and sports activity take place in the playground.

Children are assigned groups according to their physical and psychological age and training is imparted accordingly. Both, toilet trained and untrained children are taken in the institute. Normally the training is imparted right from taking care of daily routine to developing occupational skills. Feedback from parents is obtained on children’s performance during vacation at home. Modification in training pattern is made on the basis of feedback and suggestions of parents.

Our Staff

Educational Staff Hostel Staff
Principal 1 Warden 1
Special Teacher 2 Attendant 2
Asst. Teacher 2 Sweeper 1
Psychologist 1 Psychologist 1
Psychiatrist 1 Psychiatrist 1
Speech Therapist 1 Speech Therapist 1
Physiotherapist 1 Physiotherapist 1

Distribution and Arrangement of Groups

For providing training appropriately, according to their physical and psychological age, and behavioural pattern, the children are divided into four groups. The institute accommodates about 20 to 50 mentally retarded children under various training programme. The criteria for distribution of children are medical and psychological diagnosis, type of psyche, education capability and evaluation of child’s current capability.

Sr. No. Name of Group Intelligence Quotient Psychological Capability Educational Capability
1 Ullas 50 to 60 Moderate Mild Educable
2 Umang 35 to 50 Moderate Trainable
3 Asakirana 30 to 45 Moderate Trainable
4 Varun 20 to 30 Severe Trainable