The Institute


CHINMAY’ Resident Institute For Mentally Retarded was established in 1998 under the auspices of Bharat Lokhit Seva Samiti Trust. The organization was founded with the aim of working towards the welfare of children, women, old aged, physically and mentally handicapped and underprivileged classes of the society. It serves these needy sections with the philosophy of “Service to human is service to God”. In its endeavour to reach out to the unreached, under privileged sections; the organization felt that groups that are more vulnerable like mentally and physically challenged people required special attention and care. As a society we have just isolated them, at the most sympathized with them but not actually supported them. It emerged that in our society very few programmes or projects are having targeted intervention for mentally challenged. Hence with the mission of making the mentally challenged self‐reliant by all means and enhancing the quality of their life CHINMAY was formed.

Organization caters to all children’s and all levels of retardation, irrespective of religion and territorial backgrounds.

Bharat Lokhit Seva Samiti was established in 1994 with the aim to serve the society. It endeavours to fulfil the aim in different ways ‐ establishing Ashrams for human welfare, colleges and Universities for spread of knowledge, running Ayurvedic and Homeopathic clinics and centres, Physiotherapy and music therapy centres and establish residential schools and guidance cells for mentally retarded. Various activities are carried out for overall social welfare, which includes conducting action oriented research, organising seminars and workshops on developmental activities, adult education, training and education for mentally retarded and physically handicapped, organised workshops, seminars and short term courses for children and women welfare and employment in backward rural areas.

Organization goal is to help each individual reach his or her highest standards of ability, by providing a caring and a positive atmosphere. It is an institution that has spanned 20 years in dedicating itself to enhancing the quality of life of people. The institution keenly believes in a systematic, scientific and a cost effective approach headed by a multi disciplinary team, which constitutes a part of the BLSS family, and is drawn from different disciplines pertaining to rehabilitation physically or socially deprived.


For holistic development and rehabilitation of mentally retarded children, routine daily care training, behavioural problems training, vocational training,speech therapy were conducted. In addition, to bring them into the main stream of society, training for socialisation and individual problems were conducted too. Activities like arts and craft, sports, music and cultural events were done to instil enthusiasm and happiness in these children. For physical development, children are put on exercises and Yoga & Meditation therapy in the additional time. All festivals were celebrated with enthusiasm to familiarise the children with festivals. Children were taken on one-day picnics to get a close feel of Mother Nature.

Physical Trainng

For effective results the institute has adopted the approach of obtaining services of professionals of various background like Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Audiology and Speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational and social field. The institute recognised that parents’ cooperation and staffers’ physical and mental dedication towards mentally retarded children was essential. Hence, parents and staff members are also brought inn contact with these professionals. While making efforts to develop mentally retarded children, Parents perception for their children and training given by parents are equally important. To provide necessary understanding and guidance to parents, meetings with parents were arranged.

Registered And Accreditation Organization

Trust is Registered under Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act 1950.